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Frank Hallam Day
Hull #81, 2006
color photograph
42 x 43 inches

Established in 1981

1670 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington DC 20007

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Sylvia Ripley, Partner
Christopher Addison, Partner
Romy Silverstein, Director

Contemporary Art, local, regional, national, and international

Located in upper Georgetown, Addison/Ripley features changing exhibitions of the work of leading area and internationally recognized artists. Painting, sculpture, photography and fine art prints are among the disciplines presented. Addison/ Ripley Fine Art acquires art for private, corporate and institutional clients from sources such as gallery exhibitions, private collections and at auction. Addison/Ripley Fine Art offers exhibits many times a year of new and familiar artists and of ones new to Washington alltogether. The gallery keeps an extensive inventory on site and offers appointments for the convenience of serious collectors.


sigil |ˈsijəl| May 4th - June 29th 2013

sigil |ˈsijəl| Sigil, defined as “an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power”, is a stepping off point for this exhibition which brings together eight Washington area based artists thanks to the imagination and perceptiveness of curator, Carol Brown Goldberg. Herself a celebrated artist, it seems natural that she would see a conjunction in these apparently diverse works and represent through her choices some of their intersecting elements. Addison/Ripley is deeply grateful to Carol for mining this rich vein of emblematic art makers. Viewed in general terms, each artist works from her or his own “system”, some of those being style based as Joan Belmar, Maggie Michael and Joe White are and others, for instance Chip Richardson, Robin Rose or Andrea Way, being more formula based, applying math and intuition in equal parts. Renee Butler’s work has always defied cataloging and Tom Green has left a visual language that still begs to be decoded. The curators choice of artists is yet another system overlay, linking her experience, with Tom Green as a teacher at the Corcoran, with Maggie Michael as a former student at American University, with Joan Belmar as a fellow recipient of the Maryland State Arts Award in Painting and with Andrea Way, Robin Rose, Renee Butler, Joe White and Chip Richardson as long time friends and peers whose work she has watched blossom and grow. Keeping in contact with many artists is a hallmark of Carol Brown Goldberg’s generous and curious spirit. This exhibition is an iteration of her consistent involvement and her tribute to some of the artists who have helped to define the art scene in Washington.
Tom Green
"Five Conditions" 1997 acrylic on paper 12 x 16.5 inches
"Cool Green Railing" 2007

oil on linen 30 x 43 inches
Joseph White

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